Classical painting by Vallfrid Nelson, 1849-1930, Sweden

This beautiful painting by Nelson depicts a Swedish landscape. In the distance we see a white mansion and a river landscape. The clouds and colors beautifully reflected in the water. Short and rough strokes where used by the artist to paint the scenery. Nelson managed to add richness and warmth to the tones in both water and sky. The painting seems effortlessly painted, with casual placed strokes and a well a balanced composition. The front is painted much rougher en loosely than the background which gives this landscape a interesting depth.
A classic and impressionistic painting by a true master.
Nelson is still a very well known and a much sought after painter. He left behind a huge ouvre of paintings and pastel drawings, most of them Swedish landscapes in which water and sky and light played a big role.

The elegant gold colored frame of this painting is new, the inner canvas stretcher is old and has a brand mark. The painting is signed in the lower left corner. There is a sticker on the back of a Berlin gallery. The canvas has some scratches on the paint here and there. The overall condition is very good.

The painting measures  58 x 68 cm or 22.6 x 26.7 inch.

This painting can be purchased for € 324.95, directly via

—> ETSY, or by contacting me via the form below. Feel free to ask me your questions about this painting, I will be happy to answer.

*If you are interested in purchasing this work or if you have additional questions, please use the form below.


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