Louis Marin Bonnet

Le Dejeune, aquatint etching by Louis Marin Bonnet.
Le Dejeune, aquatint etching by Louis Marin Bonnet.

Louis Marin Bonnet came from a family of artisans and was trained in the craft of engraving by his brother-in-law, the engraver Louis Legrand (1723-1808).

Via Legrands connections in the art world, Bonnet became the pupil of Jean-Charles François. After a year of study, Bonnet and François invented the “crayon manner”. This was a engraving technique invented to imitate the look of a chalk drawing.  In 1760, Bonnet was ready to set up his own shop. During this period he perfected the crayon manner by producing prints using several different plates, each inked with a different color. These were very valuable and labor intensive processes that where simplified later on.  He also experimented with aquatint-like techniques designed to reproduce wash drawing.

Bonnet was considered one of the most significant representatives of engraving in pastel manner. engravings with mythological and gallant scenes, as well as portraits and nudes. He engraved after his friend Francois Boucher, Francois-Hubert Drouais and Jean-Baptiste Huet.
Works of Louis Marin Bonnet are part of the collections of many  international museums.

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Two antique aquatint prints by Bonnet


Sold—–>Coastal scene, Art Deco 1920 oil painting

Art Deco oil painting signed with monogram VR, 1920

Fantastic panoramic oil painting, Coastal view 1920

A neat and skilfully painted oil painting on canvas. This panoramic work has very nice, natural colors. It is signed in the right lower corner with a monogram “VR”, 1920. Verso it has an sticker of a Dutch gallery on the frame.

I haven’t been able to figure out the name of the artist. I figured the monogram could also have a letter “B” as well, in the middle. So “VBR”?
It is clear that this painting was painted by a professional artist, presumably of Dutch origin.
The frame with black stripe, really does fit the painting and it does certainly has a strong art Deco feeling to it. Comparable with famous Art Deco landscape painters from the twenties.

The painting has a dreamy, powdery style when looking at the clouds. The landscape itself is painted in a rougher style, with thicker layers of paint. The colors really amplify the beauty of the painting.
The frame has light discoloration as well as the painting itself. The frame has a few scratches here and there but nothing to disturbing and normal for its age.
The measurements of this painting are 44 x 81 cm or 17.3 x 31.8 inches. The painting has a metal wire in the back for hanging.

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Sold———>Vallfrid Nelson

Classical painting by Vallfrid Nelson, 1849-1930, Sweden

This beautiful painting by Nelson depicts a Swedish landscape. In the distance we see a white mansion and a river landscape. The clouds and colors beautifully reflected in the water. Short and rough strokes where used by the artist to paint the scenery. Nelson managed to add richness and warmth to the tones in both water and sky. The painting seems effortlessly painted, with casual placed strokes and a well a balanced composition. The front is painted much rougher en loosely than the background which gives this landscape a interesting depth.
A classic and impressionistic painting by a true master.
Nelson is still a very well known and a much sought after painter. He left behind a huge ouvre of paintings and pastel drawings, most of them Swedish landscapes in which water and sky and light played a big role.

The elegant gold colored frame of this painting is new, the inner canvas stretcher is old and has a brand mark. The painting is signed in the lower left corner. There is a sticker on the back of a Berlin gallery. The canvas has some scratches on the paint here and there. The overall condition is very good.

The painting measures  58 x 68 cm or 22.6 x 26.7 inch.

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—->Sold, Costume Parisien 1812

Costume Parisien, reading material for the 19th century fashionista’s 


A steel engraving from the 1812 edition of Costume Parisien
Costume Parisien

A nice steel engraving from the Costume Parisien magazine. On this plate we see a woman in an ancient Greek and Roman style inspired dress.
The dress looks easy to wear with only a few light colored details. A lovely bonnet complements the dress since woman usually covered their heads when they went outside, just as man used to cover their heads too.
The Roman and Greek inspired fashion would remain popular throughout the nineteenth century. The print is very old is it is from the 1812 edition as mentioned in the left upper corner.
The number of this plate is 1232, with in the lower side a description of the fabric and a mention of some of the special details of this dress.
This plate is rare and also is found in the collection of the NY library among others. The condition of this elegant plate is good, some light foxing is present. Around the corners there are some brown lines as shown in the pictures.

This engraving is cleaned and pressed to aid conservation and refresh the colors of the paper. A lovely genuine antique print, ready to be framed or add to your collection. You can purchase the engraving here via Etsy, or use the form below for more info.

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——> How to tell if my antique fashion print is genuine

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Marie Antoinette two rare royal engravings

Rare commemorative engravings of Marie Antoinette Louis XVI 

The last (official) reigns of France.


Engraving of Marie Antoinette by Pierre François Bertonnier (1791-1858)

Both where killed during the peak of the French Revolution, ending the long tradition of French monarchs.
Marie Antoinette, who is very much appealing to the imagination, and her husband, the king of France Louis XIV, are seen here in these engravings. Years after their unfortunate beheading in 1793,  Louis XVIII (brother of Louis XIV) had the remains of his brother and of his sister-in-law Marie-Antoinette, transferred and re-buried in the Basilica of St Denis, the Royal necropolis of the Kings and Queen of France.
Between 1816 and 1826, a commemorative monument, the Chapelle expiatoire, was erected at the location of the former cemetery and church.
These two engravings are dated around that time, 1816-1820. On the engravings we see portrayals of the king and queen, both flanked by the weapons of their houses. Weeping angels are next to the names of the reigns.
Both prints are made by well known French master engravers:

  • Marie Antoinette, was made by: Pierre François Bertonnier (1791-1858).
  • King Louis XVI, was made by:  Pinx. François-Jacques Dequevauviller (1783-1848) Sculp. Callet
Engraving of Louis XVI by Dequevauviller

Both gravures have been cleaned to enhance the engravings and aid conservation. Both prints have foxing spots.
Used “new” black plaster frames where used to frame the engravings. These frames have some missing chips, and scratches meant to add to the charm of these old prints.

The engravings measure approx. 6 by 5 inches.
The mattes measure 15.7 by 11.8 inches.
Two very interesting and neat looking prints. decorate your wall, behind glass.

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