Photographic portrait

Photographic pastel, ca 1880

Photographic pastel crayon portrait.

Photographic pastel, ca 1880
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A lovely and big framed oil crayon portrait of a young boy.  He is dressed up in a cute striped play suit. This portrait is from around 1900, maybe sooner. Pastel oil crayon was a new invention in the late 19th century. Oil crayon portraits where a whole new genre in the art world and popular until the 1920’s. The artist name and date is not found on the artwork. The pastel was produced in Belgium. There are some references, but unfortunately unreadable. I kept record, perhaps the next owner can make sense of it. The pastel was removed from the old matting, the glass was cleaned and a big foxing spot was retouched. The paper was dry cleaned and some small repairs were done on the frame. This big framed artwork measures 58 x 48 cm. The frame and glass are original.

Price: 90 euro exclusive of shipping costs.

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