Costume Parisien, reading material for the 19th century fashionista’s 


A steel engraving from the 1812 edition of Costume Parisien
Costume Parisien

A nice steel engraving from the Costume Parisien magazine. On this plate we see a woman in an ancient Greek and Roman style inspired dress.
The dress looks easy to wear with only a few light colored details. A lovely bonnet complements the dress since woman usually covered their heads when they went outside, just as man used to cover their heads too.
The Roman and Greek inspired fashion would remain popular throughout the nineteenth century. The print is very old is it is from the 1812 edition as mentioned in the left upper corner.
The number of this plate is 1232, with in the lower side a description of the fabric and a mention of some of the special details of this dress.
This plate is rare and also is found in the collection of the NY library among others. The condition of this elegant plate is good, some light foxing is present. Around the corners there are some brown lines as shown in the pictures.

This engraving is cleaned and pressed to aid conservation and refresh the colors of the paper. A lovely genuine antique print, ready to be framed or add to your collection. You can purchase the engraving here via Etsy, or use the form below for more info.

See also my info on authentication of your antique fashion prints:

——> How to tell if my antique fashion print is genuine

This engraving will be send as a letter, unregistered and without track and trace.
Let me know if you would like other shipping options.

Feel free to ask me your questions, I will be happy to answer!

*If you are interested in purchasing this work or if you have additional questions, please use the form below.


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