Sold—-> Lenie Rienks

Lovely floral painting by the Dutch artist Lenie Rienks.

This big lovely painting of a bouquet of flowers in pastel colors was made around 1950. Lenie Rienks is a registered artist who was schooled at the Academie voor Beeldende Kunsten (Rotterdam) NL.
During her career she mainly made still lives and a few fantastic city scenes. She was born in 1914 and lived a long life until her death in 2014.
She worked in Rotterdam, as well as some small towns in the Netherlands. During her career she worked for 20 years as an art teacher.
This colorful big oil painting is in good shape, and is cleaned superficially. The painting has a small wear line around the edges, (where the edges of the old frame have been) as seen in the last picture. The original frame is replaced with a robust, light grey new beach wood frame, made of used wood. The hanging garments for the frame needs to be montaged. This hanging material will be delivered together with the painting, inclusive of a piece of wire.

The big painting with the frame measures H 88 x  W 77 cm.
A stunning painting to decorate your wall!

Questions? Feel free to ask, I will be happy to answer.

This painting can be purchased for 275 euro, exclusive of shipping directly via Etsy —->HERE

Shipping this painting will cost max. 60 euro.

Sold—–>Coastal scene, Art Deco 1920 oil painting

Art Deco oil painting signed with monogram VR, 1920

Fantastic panoramic oil painting, Coastal view 1920

A neat and skilfully painted oil painting on canvas. This panoramic work has very nice, natural colors. It is signed in the right lower corner with a monogram “VR”, 1920. Verso it has an sticker of a Dutch gallery on the frame.

I haven’t been able to figure out the name of the artist. I figured the monogram could also have a letter “B” as well, in the middle. So “VBR”?
It is clear that this painting was painted by a professional artist, presumably of Dutch origin.
The frame with black stripe, really does fit the painting and it does certainly has a strong art Deco feeling to it. Comparable with famous Art Deco landscape painters from the twenties.

The painting has a dreamy, powdery style when looking at the clouds. The landscape itself is painted in a rougher style, with thicker layers of paint. The colors really amplify the beauty of the painting.
The frame has light discoloration as well as the painting itself. The frame has a few scratches here and there but nothing to disturbing and normal for its age.
The measurements of this painting are 44 x 81 cm or 17.3 x 31.8 inches. The painting has a metal wire in the back for hanging.

This painting can be purchased for 274.95  Euro, exclusive of shipping costs, directly via —-> Etsy.  Or contact me via the form below.

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Sold———>Vallfrid Nelson

Classical painting by Vallfrid Nelson, 1849-1930, Sweden

This beautiful painting by Nelson depicts a Swedish landscape. In the distance we see a white mansion and a river landscape. The clouds and colors beautifully reflected in the water. Short and rough strokes where used by the artist to paint the scenery. Nelson managed to add richness and warmth to the tones in both water and sky. The painting seems effortlessly painted, with casual placed strokes and a well a balanced composition. The front is painted much rougher en loosely than the background which gives this landscape a interesting depth.
A classic and impressionistic painting by a true master.
Nelson is still a very well known and a much sought after painter. He left behind a huge ouvre of paintings and pastel drawings, most of them Swedish landscapes in which water and sky and light played a big role.

The elegant gold colored frame of this painting is new, the inner canvas stretcher is old and has a brand mark. The painting is signed in the lower left corner. There is a sticker on the back of a Berlin gallery. The canvas has some scratches on the paint here and there. The overall condition is very good.

The painting measures  58 x 68 cm or 22.6 x 26.7 inch.

This painting can be purchased for € 324.95, directly via

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—->Sold, Costume Parisien 1812

Costume Parisien, reading material for the 19th century fashionista’s 


A steel engraving from the 1812 edition of Costume Parisien
Costume Parisien

A nice steel engraving from the Costume Parisien magazine. On this plate we see a woman in an ancient Greek and Roman style inspired dress.
The dress looks easy to wear with only a few light colored details. A lovely bonnet complements the dress since woman usually covered their heads when they went outside, just as man used to cover their heads too.
The Roman and Greek inspired fashion would remain popular throughout the nineteenth century. The print is very old is it is from the 1812 edition as mentioned in the left upper corner.
The number of this plate is 1232, with in the lower side a description of the fabric and a mention of some of the special details of this dress.
This plate is rare and also is found in the collection of the NY library among others. The condition of this elegant plate is good, some light foxing is present. Around the corners there are some brown lines as shown in the pictures.

This engraving is cleaned and pressed to aid conservation and refresh the colors of the paper. A lovely genuine antique print, ready to be framed or add to your collection. You can purchase the engraving here via Etsy, or use the form below for more info.

See also my info on authentication of your antique fashion prints:

——> How to tell if my antique fashion print is genuine

This engraving will be send as a letter, unregistered and without track and trace.
Let me know if you would like other shipping options.

Feel free to ask me your questions, I will be happy to answer!

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——-> SOLD, van Aalst, P.C.

Cherry blossoms by P.C. van Aalst. 

A lovely natural painting of flowering Prunus twigs or cherry blossoms, in a vase.
This painting is awesome in real life, the pictures don’t do it justice.
A lovely color combination between the soft green and the lovely pink flowers that gently hints to the influence of the painter by the Asian art and culture. This work also reminds me a lot of other Dutch artists like Jan Mankes, who also featured soft colors and used soft brush strokes in his work. Maybe this piece is an homage or a metaphor for new beginnings in the pre war West-European society?
Not much is know about the artist, P. C. van Aalst. The painting was made in 1949 and has a very robust, broad frame that contrasts nicely with the inner fragile painting. It is in good used condition, the painting has some light yellowing that is normal for older paintings. It is signed, P.C. van Aalst in the left lower corner.
The canvas measures ca. 37 x 26 cm and the frame measures 58,5 cm by 48,5 cm. Hanging garments are in place, so this work of art is ready to decorate any wall.
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——-> SOLD,Nonnenbruch, Max

Max Nonnenbruch, Young woman

A fantastic artwork after Max Nonnenbruch, Germany, 1857-1922

A stunning lithograph by/after Max Nonnenbruch. This print is actually a Heliogravure, a lithographic photo print from a pastel made by Nonnenbruch. The print measures 70 x 52 cm.

Max Nonnenbruch devoted his career mainly to painting beautiful females in erudite, goddess like poses. His work as a painter belonged to the Munich school and Symbolism.

His paintings and artworks remain very sought after. This almost antique print by Max Nonnenbruch is in good shape, it is framed in a matching Art Deco frame. There is some soiling and dust behind the glass.
More about this highly valued and decorated German artist and a few examples of his amazing artworks are shown here: wikipedia Germany, Max Nonnenbruch

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——-> sold, Jean Georges Wille

J.G Wille 1715-1808

Petit Physicien

For sale this very old and historical significant engraving by Jean Wille. This lovely engraving depicts a boy making soap bubbles looking through a window. The gravure is very scarce and belongs to the collection of the British Museum. 

Johann Georg Wille, born in Germany, moved later on in his life to France where he started his career as a very gifted copper engraver. He became very famous both in France as abroad, almost obtaining the status of a 18th century superstar. He became the house engraver for famous kings like Louis the 15th, Frederick the second and Frederick the Fifth of Denmark. Napoleon Bonaparte appointed him night of the Legion of Honor. In 1758, Jean was naturalized and became an French citizen. He won many prizes and acknowledgements of his whole Ouvre. Because Wille had many contacts in Europe, he left a ton of historical information behind when his correspondence was published after his death and bundled in book. Some historians described him as a “network entrepreneur”.

In his life Wille had many students, one of them being Sigmund Freudenberg. Works by him are also for sale here: Freudenberg, Lingee and Romanet

The prints measurements are 24,5 x 18 cm and the material is laid paper. Foxing is visible, soiling in the margins and some weak little spots. 

The text reads:

“Peint par Gaspar Netscher and “Gravé par J.G. Wille Graveur du Roi 1761″ a Monsieur Damery  Chevalier de l’Ordre Royal de St. Louis  Par son très humble Serviteur Wille D’après le Tableau original de même  Grandeur qui est dans son Cabinet” and “à Paris chez l’auteur Quay des Augustins”.

Click on the images for a larger view of the artwork.

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——-> SOLD, Bonnet, Louis Marin

 L’amant ecoute, stipple engraving, 1785

L' amant ecoute 1785, after Jean-Frédéric Schall.This is one of a set of two courtship engravings by Louis Marin Bonnet, (1748-1793), after a painting of Jean-Frédéric Schall.  This engraving is called “L’Amant Ecoute” the other engraving in this series is called: “L’ eventail Casse”. This seems to be a print of the second state of the engraving.  The frame was scratched and has been retouched and repaired at the bottom. (Click here for a blog-report on this work).

The beautifully detailed  rococo engraving has some minor foxing and light soiling but seems overall in very good condition. At some point in time, someone added a matte to prevent damage, the matte also has some foxing. Please see the framing and close-up for more information about this plates authenticity.  The measurements of the engraving are ca. 32 x 24 cm, (the visible part of the plate) and the measurements of the frame are: 42,5 x 35 cm.

About Louis Bonnet, (Paris, 1736 or 1743 – Saint-Mande , 12 October 1793

Louis-Marin Bonnet is a draftsman and engraver to wash and crayon manner , he improved the technique. He excels in the art of pastel , even producing a small treatise entitled The Pastel engraving, invented and executed by Louis Bonnet in 1769. He was a pupil of Jean-Charles François and composed hundreds of drawings and prints, today listed and present in public collections. His studio-shop (selling drawings and prints ) amounted to 1772 in Paris at the corner of rue Saint-Jacques and Rue de la Parcheminerie , second floor. He also had an address rue Galande (1767-1772).

He signed either Bonnet or sometimes Marin or Tennob.  (Source, Wikipedia) (translated)

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Adriaan Keus

Dutch farm entrance by Adriaan Keus

An oil painting by the well-known Dutch painter Adriaan Keus 1875-1955. This work is representing a typical Dutch farm entrance, somewhere in Gelderland, a province of the Netherlands. This work was probably painted late in his career telling by the somewhat modest color-tones and the wooden panel it was painted on.  I’m guessing somewhere around 1930-1940. The painting has some craquele in the lower right corner, see the pictures. The work measures ca. 31 x 24 cm. The frame is 42 x 36 cm. On the back of the panel is a note attached, a short summary of the painters career and ouvre.

Its signed in the left corner by Keus. A lovely Dutch work!

Price: 189 €  (exclusive of additional shipping costs) 

Click on the images for a larger view of the artwork.

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Sold—-> After Matthäus Schiestl

Religious painting after Matthäus Schiestl.


A wonderful painting by an artist named Emmer or Emner after a painting of the Austrian painter Matthäus Schiestl.
The original painting by Schiestl is located in the Mariendom in Freising, Germany. It is one of the paintings by Schiestl that were embedded in the “St. Johns altar”, a Neo-Gothic altarpiece. In the right lower corner of this painting it says “Copie” and the name Emmer or Emner. On the left Schiestls autograph.
An old black and white photo was attached at the back of the painting. It looks like a priest or someone in service of the Catholic Church. Since this is not an exact copy of Schiestls painting but it differs on some points, it could very well be that a church or catholic person ordered this painting to be made.

This big painting measures 83 cm x 70 cm.

The picture is framed with a original robust brown frame. The frame has some spots but nothing serious.
The painting has a new layer of lacquer and a few damaged areas are retouched. You can read about this process here: Cleaning an old painting  .
Some craquelure still is visible on the painting.

The website with information about the altarpiece and the Mariendom.

Price: 475 €  exclusive of shipping costs. 

Click on the images for a larger view of the artwork.

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