——-> SOLD,Nonnenbruch, Max

Max Nonnenbruch, Young woman

A fantastic artwork after Max Nonnenbruch, Germany, 1857-1922

A stunning lithograph by/after Max Nonnenbruch. This print is actually a Heliogravure, a lithographic photo print from a pastel made by Nonnenbruch. The print measures 70 x 52 cm.

Max Nonnenbruch devoted his career mainly to painting beautiful females in erudite, goddess like poses. His work as a painter belonged to the Munich school and Symbolism.

His paintings and artworks remain very sought after. This almost antique print by Max Nonnenbruch is in good shape, it is framed in a matching Art Deco frame. There is some soiling and dust behind the glass.
More about this highly valued and decorated German artist and a few examples of his amazing artworks are shown here: wikipedia Germany, Max Nonnenbruch

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