E.Ravel & A.Closs

A.Closs after Edouard Ravel

Reading to the children 1883 

Reading to the children A ClossThis a lovely wood engraving in color, printed on both sides, (with Dutch text on the back) after a work by Edouard Ravel executed by A. Closs, a well known and skilled German wood engraver. In the left corner it reads: ” Edouard Ravel 1883″.

At the right corner is printed “A. Closs, X.J.sc.”  This print is rare and has beautiful bright and deep hand painted colors. The paper is very vulnerable and thin, at some places it has been reinforced with Kozo paper. The measurements are 12 x 12 cms. This print has been cleaned. There is a little line in the middle on this engraving as can be seen in the pictures. This antique print is mounted on acid free archival board and has an acid free backing board. It is shipped with a new frame and glass, as shown in the pictures, ready to hang on your wall, or maybe a children’s room!

Price: 20 Euro (exclusive of additional shipping costs) 

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