Sold—–>Coastal scene, Art Deco 1920 oil painting

Art Deco oil painting signed with monogram VR, 1920

Fantastic panoramic oil painting, Coastal view 1920

A neat and skilfully painted oil painting on canvas. This panoramic work has very nice, natural colors. It is signed in the right lower corner with a monogram “VR”, 1920. Verso it has an sticker of a Dutch gallery on the frame.

I haven’t been able to figure out the name of the artist. I figured the monogram could also have a letter “B” as well, in the middle. So “VBR”?
It is clear that this painting was painted by a professional artist, presumably of Dutch origin.
The frame with black stripe, really does fit the painting and it does certainly has a strong art Deco feeling to it. Comparable with famous Art Deco landscape painters from the twenties.

The painting has a dreamy, powdery style when looking at the clouds. The landscape itself is painted in a rougher style, with thicker layers of paint. The colors really amplify the beauty of the painting.
The frame has light discoloration as well as the painting itself. The frame has a few scratches here and there but nothing to disturbing and normal for its age.
The measurements of this painting are 44 x 81 cm or 17.3 x 31.8 inches. The painting has a metal wire in the back for hanging.

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——-> SOLD,Nonnenbruch, Max

Max Nonnenbruch, Young woman

A fantastic artwork after Max Nonnenbruch, Germany, 1857-1922

A stunning lithograph by/after Max Nonnenbruch. This print is actually a Heliogravure, a lithographic photo print from a pastel made by Nonnenbruch. The print measures 70 x 52 cm.

Max Nonnenbruch devoted his career mainly to painting beautiful females in erudite, goddess like poses. His work as a painter belonged to the Munich school and Symbolism.

His paintings and artworks remain very sought after. This almost antique print by Max Nonnenbruch is in good shape, it is framed in a matching Art Deco frame. There is some soiling and dust behind the glass.
More about this highly valued and decorated German artist and a few examples of his amazing artworks are shown here: wikipedia Germany, Max Nonnenbruch

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Reyer van der Borden

Reyer van der Borden

Aronskelken, Arums, 1928

Bestand_007 (6)
“Aronskelken” is a rare lithographic work by Reyer van der Borden, a Dutch painter, and graphics artist. It is an early work from the hand of this artist, who started his career in the roaring twenties when exotic plants where very popular in art designs.  The print is signed by van der Borden in the right lower corner, and on the left side it says, “Aronskelken”.

In the middle of the plate is the name of the printer found.  The name “Borden” is also hidden somewhere in the artwork. “Aronskelken” is a very big work by v.d. Borden, it measures approximate 75 x 59 cm for the frame and 63 x 46 for the lithograph.

The frame that is complimenting this neat artwork is something special too, it is an original art-deco frame by the “Venesta plywood company”. “Venesta” referring to the word veneer. This was an Estonian company with offices all over Europe, known for their practical furniture. This frame had some small missing chips in the veneer on two places, near the top left corner that are “touched up” by me. The wooden matte has some tidelines in it from moisture.

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Price: € 200 euro
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