Classical oil painting by HW Eckhardt ,  Dutch

HW Eckhard, Dutch painter

This is a very nice majestic oil painting by the well-known Dutch painter HW Eckhardt. In my opinion the painting is very heavily influenced by the work of Van Gogh as seen in the work of many Dutch colleagues of those days. This impressionistic work was very dirty and was cleaned of its old yellow layer of lacquer. The frame was also cleaned. On the painting we see a vase with flowers and a bowl of tomatoes. The lines in the painting are simplified and the objects are composed of many different colors. A fantastic work of art and one of the better ones in the oeuvre of this well know Dutch painter.
A classic and impressionistic painting by a great painter.

There is some confusion about the date of birth of the painter, there is a painter CW Eckhardt Christiaan Hendrik, that is born in 1886. There supposedly also was a Eckhardt sr. Research about this is still ungoing.

The frame is cleaned up as well as the painting itself. A few pieces are missing from the frame. The painting is signed in the lower left corner. The overall condition is very good.The painting measures  61 x 71 cm (with the frame)

The price of this painting is 574,95 Euro plus a 50 euro shipping fee (world-wide). This painting can be purchased directly via —> Etsy or by contacting me via the form below.

Feel free to ask me your questions about this painting, I will be happy to answer.


*If you are interested in purchasing this work or if you have additional questions, please use the form below.


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