Oil portrait of a little Dutch girl by the Dutch painter Koop. 

A Lovely old oil painting of a faint looking girl.
This painting was made by the artist “Koop” and it is signed near the neck of the girl on the right. On the canvas we see a faint looking girl, her gaze changes when you move around the painting and it is not known how she feels… is she sad? pouting? bored? This is what makes this lovely old painting very fascinating.

This artwork has nice natural colors and measures 32 x 25 for the canvas and 41 x 34 for the golden colored robust frame. The frame is from around 1940. The painting is dated around 1920-1930, maybe sooner. The painting was very dirty and is cleaned, it still has some mild cracquele. A new layer of lacquer was applied and a new stretcher frame was made. This is an used, almost antique item. A lovely atmospheric addition to your wall. I will add (attach) hanging garment to this painting prior to shipping, so you can hang it right away.

This painting can be purchased for 89,95 + shipping directly via Etsy, via this link:  This painting on Etsy

Feel free to ask me any questions you might have about this item, i’ll be happy to answer. Regards, Jo.

 If you are interested in purchasing this work or if you have additional questions, please use the form below.


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