Two lovely baroque lithographs after the French painter Jean Marc Nattier. 1685-1766.

These two wonderful and matching lithographs are dated around 1890-1910. The two lithographs are trimmed and mounted on a piece of laid paper, decorated with golden lines. The ladies portrayed here are Marie Adélaïde of France and Henriëtte Anne of France, sisters, and daughters of the king of France, Louis the fifteenth.

French painter Nattier painted the two princesses as Roman goddesses. Henriëtte as Flora, goddess of flowers and spring and her sister Adélaïde as Diana, goddess of light, the moon and also of hunting.
Nattier managed to paint them in a casual, almost sensual pose, very uncommon from the normal, formal way of portraying royals. Their pose was staged like a play, with props and decor and dressing up in funny costumes which created a informal playful atmosphere in the painting.
What certainly makes these lithographs nostalgic is that we see the sisters in better days here, bitter times and death where awaiting in the near future for these two royal girls that both lived restrained lives in their golden cages.

The two unique and beautiful lithographs totally kept their nice colors. There is no color difference between the two lithographic prints.
The frames are chipped here and there. The matting paper has some yellowing that comes with age and some soiling. One piece of glass was gone and is replaced for a new one. The frames measure: 38 x 48,5 cm.


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