L’amant ecoute, stipple engraving, 1785

L' amant ecoute 1785, after Jean-Frédéric Schall.This is one of a set of two courtship engravings by Louis Marin Bonnet, (1748-1793), after a painting of Jean-Frédéric Schall.  This engraving is called “L’Amant Ecoute” the other engraving in this series is called: “L’ eventail Casse”. This seems to be a print of the second state of the engraving.  The frame was scratched and has been retouched and repaired at the bottom. (Click here for a blog-report on this work).

The beautifully detailed  rococo engraving has some minor foxing and light soiling but seems overall in very good condition. At some point in time, someone added a matte to prevent damage, the matte also has some foxing. Please see the framing and close-up for more information about this plates authenticity.  The measurements of the engraving are ca. 32 x 24 cm, (the visible part of the plate) and the measurements of the frame are: 42,5 x 35 cm.

About Louis Bonnet, (Paris, 1736 or 1743 – Saint-Mande , 12 October 1793

Louis-Marin Bonnet is a draftsman and engraver to wash and crayon manner , he improved the technique. He excels in the art of pastel , even producing a small treatise entitled The Pastel engraving, invented and executed by Louis Bonnet in 1769. He was a pupil of Jean-Charles François and composed hundreds of drawings and prints, today listed and present in public collections. His studio-shop (selling drawings and prints ) amounted to 1772 in Paris at the corner of rue Saint-Jacques and Rue de la Parcheminerie , second floor. He also had an address rue Galande (1767-1772).

He signed either Bonnet or sometimes Marin or Tennob.  (Source, Wikipedia) (translated)

If you are interested in purchasing this work or if you have additional questions, please use the form below.


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