Ave Candidum Lilium

Framed biblical image.

This is a beautiful West European wood engraving from around 1800, maybe sooner. It is a representation of the Holy Mother Mary, crushing a serpent or dragon, the devil or evil if you will, while standing on a crescent moon. Some historians feel that the woman in this scene was not the mother Mary but “The woman of the apocalypse” from the book of Revelations. Through the years, many flawed translations of biblical texts and different cultural interpretations of the Latin scriptures accredited to people believing this was Mary. 

I think this historical artwork is an illustrative page from an old book. At the top of this image is the sun, the moon, Jesus, a halo and seven stars. It seems Mary is holding an iron rod or sword. There is so much religious symbolism in this tiny image that it is practically a historical time capsule of that era. This framed picture is unopened by me and ready to decorate your wall.  It was re-framed around the 1980’s by a professional Belgian restoration and framing studio. (see the pictures) The measurements are ca. 14 x 11 cm for the engraving and 23,5 x 18 cm for the frame. This wood engraving was printed on laid paper. The Latin text in the bottom of the picture reads:

“Ave candidum Lilium fulgidae semperque tranquillae Trinitatis”  

Price: 54,95 euro (exclusive of additional shipping costs) 

Click on the images for a larger view of the artwork.

If you are interested in purchasing this work or if you have additional questions, please use the form below.


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