R. Craeyevanger

Violin lessons, 1858

This lovely antique scene was printed by the royal Dutch stone printing company “C.W. Mieling”, and drawn by artist Reinier Craeyevanger.

“Koninklijke  steendrukkerij C.W. Mieling” was a high quality printing company in its days. The measurements of this lithograph are 16,5 x 19,5 cm and the the paper is approximately 21 x 23 cm. The frame measures 29 x 39 cm.  This print was made in 1858. At the bottom on the left it reads: R. Craeyvanger, del & lith, (Delineavit drawn, and lith. lithographed by Craeyvanger). On the right side at the bottom of the lithograph is printed, Konl.e St v. C.W. Mieling. In the plate on the right corner the initials of the artist, R. C.

The condition of this lithograph is good. This artwork will be shipped framed as is, (some scratches on the frame) with a passe-partout, (matte) and a glass plate covering. This artwork is unopened since it was last framed as seen on the backside where a sticker tells us that it was last framed by an antique company called Columbus.

Price: 65 euro (exclusive additional shipping costs) 


You can use the form below if you are interested in purchasing this work or if you have additional questions.


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