Han Krug 1890 – 1977

Hankrug3kleinHan Krug was a Dutch artist who went to the  Academy of Visual Arts (Academie van beeldende kunsten) in The Hague from 1900 til 1908. After graduating from the academy, he worked as a lithograph artist for the “Mouton”printing company in the Hague and the “van Leer”company  in Amsterdam for some time. Around 1910 he started his own commercial advertisement and decoration studio. He also began drawing and painting landscapes. After 1918 he began creating woodblock cuts at which he became very skilled. He mainly created landscapes but also ex-libris and limited edition prints for unique books. For his woodcuts he received an honorable diploma from the Los Angeles bookplate association.

In 1923 Krug became a member of the Pulchri Studio. He got married and together with his wife he began selling lamps, toys and homemade furniture from their home decoration shop. Because of the crisis the demand for home decoration items decreased dramatically and Krug started painting large coastal sceneries with dunes.

During the second world war Krug went into hiding in Wieringen, to avoid being forced to join the fascist “Nederlandse Kultuurkamer”. All artists had to register themselves with the “Dutch culture bureau”. If you did not join, you had to pay a huge (about $ 30,000) fine to the German occupiers. Of course everything an artist made had to be made in service of the national socialistic agenda. After the war he continued painting large dune landscapes and he also helped establishing “the Haagse Aquarellisten”.

source: Wikipidia




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