Elchanon Verveer 1826-1900

elchanon verveer

Elchanon Verveer was a Dutch artist, painter, engraver, cartoonist and graphics artist. He used to work together with his two brothers Maurits and Samuel with whom he worked and lived for the main part of their lives. In 1845 Elchanon started taking painting lessons at the Academy of The Hague, “De Haagse Academie”.

Before that he was working (and educated) mainly as an engraving artist. He was a member of the Pulchri Studio in The Hague. His brother Maurits helped setting up the Pulchri studio. Elchanon was also a member of “Arti et Amicitiae” in Amsterdam. His paintings and work are influenced by Romanticism and Impressionism and are considered to form a link between the two artistic movements.

When he was older he also began painting the rougher side of life when he began portraying the harsh lives of the fishermen people of Scheveningen, the coastal area of The Hague. Elchanon was also a very good cartoonist. He made a lot of comical portrayals of his fellow Pulchri studio artists some of which are in the collection of Dutch museums around the country.

Recently there was a big display in the Jewish Historical Museum in Amsterdam that featured some of the works of the three brothers but also gave a interesting insight into their lives as emancipated Jewish young men in Dutch society. Recently it was also announced that a painting of Elchanon was found again after being lost for many years.

The Verveers, masters of Romanticism. Jewish Historical Museum Amsterdam.



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