Cornelis Rol 1877-1963

Cornelis Rol
An commercial ad made by C.Rol

Cornelis Rol was born in Edam the Netherlands in 1877 and died in 1963.

He was a Dutch graphic artist, a painter, a litho-artist and an illustration artist. He was known for the work he did for the “Verkade” company. He made illustrations, as well as the covers for albums that the Verkade company published.

Cornelis Rol went to the art school in Edam and the “Rijksnormaalschool” in Amsterdam. Later he became a drawing teacher at the “Kunstnijverheidsschool Quellinus” in Amsterdam. Cornelis Rol made fantastic woodcut art as well as designs for ads for several companies.

His son Hendricus Rol also became an artist, painter and illustrator and also worked on the famous Dutch Verkade albums.




More about Cornelis and Hendrikus Rol en their work for the Verkade company  can be found here:

Het Verkade Paveljoen

The linosaurus, cacti in colour woodblockprints


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