About Jo Hulsteins Fine prints

About the store

Jo Hulstein fine prints“Jo Hulstein fine prints” is an online antique store located in Arnhem, the Netherlands. The shop evolved out of my interest in- and passion for antique art. I have been collecting antiques for several years and started out with antique furniture and historical items and later began collecting antique art, mainly works on paper like etches, gravures, pastel drawings and lithographs.

I have had many years of creative and social education before I started working as a mental health worker and adviser. My latest study was Sociology at the university of Nijmegen.  

My own antique interests at the moment are woodcuts from the 1920’s and 1930’s and mostly themes that evolve around children, flowers and animals. Next to the Jo Hulstein fine prints shop, I am also a proud mom and in my spare time I love to collect and search for fossils, long walks in the fantastic Hoge Veluwe. Feel free to browse and contact me if you want information about the art on this website!


Jolanda Hulstein