Roger Hebbelink

Roger Hebbelinck (Brussels, 1912) is a Belgian artist.  Hebbelinck worked as a painter, aquarellist, etcher and film maker. He mainly became known because of his etchings. He was a pupil of A. Bastien, J. Delville, G.van Strydonck, A Stevens, I. van Mens, J. van Santen en P. Mathieu under which he studied art at the “Academie van Brussel”.  At the academy he followed lessons from I. Mens, (aquarel painting) and gravure from J. van Santen.
He made the etches for the book Les Villages Illusoires van E. Verhaeren.  As a cineast and filmmaker, he made the documentary “La Naissance d’une Eau-forte” a film that won a price at the Cannes filmfestival. A documentary about the building of the “Atomium” a famous building  and artwork in Brussels, Belgium. Before the war he started an etching studio and etched many cities in Belgium. He also made etches and aquarel paintings in France and Spain. Extraordinary are the color etches he made with his colleagues V. De Saedeleer and A. Saverys.

He signed these works with the name, “Belin”.

Source: Dutch Wikipedia; Dictionnaire Biographique illustré des artistes en Belgique depuis
1830, arto, 1987, p. 195

Source: Wikipedia:



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